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The Willamette Meteorite was found in 1902 by Ellis Huges.
It is the largest iron meteorite found in the United States.
Although it's existance had been previously known by the native indians.
The meteorite had been found on land owned by Oregon Iron and Steel.
Ellis built a custom wagon and gear to move the 15.5 ton meteorite to his property, thereby setting the stage for a legal battle over the ownership of the meteorite.
The courts declared the meteorite to be the property of Oregon Iron and Steel since it was found on their property.
The meteorite was displayed in 1905 at the Lewis and Clark World's Fair.
It was then sold to Mrs. William E. Dodge II for $26,000 to the disappointment of many Oregonians who had hoped that the meteorite would be kept in Oregon.
Mrs. Dodge then donated the Meteorite to the American Museum of Natural History in New York who still retain ownership of the meteorite.
In 1936 the WIllamette Meteorite was placed on display in the Hayden Museum where it remains today.